About Me

Short bio – I like to photograph and I like to travel.

This blog is where I write about photography, but other subjects as well.

Audrey The Guinea Pig

I remember this photograph of Audrey, our guinea pig, who was sitting in an upturned fez on our coffee table.

As my wife walked away across the room, Audrey got pretty freaked out for some reason and gave the most heart-rending screech and I took this photo. Then we comforted her and told her that everything was OK and in a couple of seconds she was back to normal as if nothing had happened.


The thing is that I recall most of the photographs I take, and I think that is because of something that I have found in life – that we notice a lot and remember a lot about the things we love.

My Blogging Story

This the first blog I started after I had been using Google’s Blogger platform for a few months. I thought WordPress was much better so I switched to it in January 2007.

Once I felt comfortable with using the hosted WordPress.com system I was eager to try a self-hosted site using WordPress.org – and I learned a lot from doing that.

I wrote an article earlier this year about how to set up a self-hosted WordPress site.

You’ll find more of my photos as ecards on Quillcards.

And we publish greeting cards at Flying Twigs – for trade customers and for retail customers for delivery to UK addresses.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog and please do comment!

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